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The Jesus Storybook Bible

We first purchased this book during our first foster placement and have purchased at least a half a dozen since. It is the best children’s Bible I’ve found and it even gets me choked up sometimes when I read it to the kids. The premise is that “Every story whispers His name” and essentially the book points out how every story in the Bible points to Jesus.

Parenting with Love & Logic

This is hands down my favorite parenting book. It has challenged me to lead and discipline my children using logic so they remember the lesson. It’s all about offering choices and letting the kids experience the consequence of their choice. For example, #bambam knows that the first thing he must do in the morning is take a shower. The expectation is clear and age appropriate. The consequence is TV time (also clear and age appropriate). If he chooses to take a shower, he is able to watch TV with the others. If he chooses to play first or not shower at all, no TV. The idea is to encourage your children to do the thinking so they develop confidence and good decision making skills.

Boundaries with Kids

This book is very similar to Parenting with Love and Logic. It was recommended by our counselor. It was probably the most helpful with our kiddo who struggles with anxiety and it fit in perfectly with our family mantra:
Love God
Love People
Make Good Decisions

Your Every Day Read & Pray Bible for Kids

We read through this as a family our first year together. It’s 365 short Bible stories to read as a family. It was short enough that we could read it every night and it kept the kids’ attention even when they were exhausted. Our copy is very well loved.

Good Touch, Bad Touch Coloring & Activities Book

This is another resource recommended by our counselor. You can probably find more updated versions if you Google “Good Touch Bad Touch resources”. You get to have lots of uncomfortable conversations when you have foster children, but they are essential to healing and preventing further trauma. In fact, I would recommend this resource to all parents because it is clear and appropriate for young children. We cannot live with our heads in the sand, these are lessons our children must learn from us.