Well…What Do We Do Now?

It’s a question that has been buried in my brain for many months now. What are we going to do if this doesn’t work out? I never wanted to bring it to the surface because I knew that it would mean making some hard decisions. This week, however, the dreaded time has arrived and we are forced to decide: continue on, change our path slightly, change our path significantly, or give up. You should know that, although extremely tempting to me, giving up just isn’t an option for us. We’re too stubborn and too sure of God’s plan for us. We may not know or understand what God’s plan is but we know He has one and for now, that’s good enough.

We have been neck deep in the foster system these last few months receiving our foster license this summer and just recently completing the state required training for foster-adopt. We have been driven to pursue this option by two small foster children we hoped would one day need a permanent placement. This week was a bit of a harsh reality check as we realized that this would be a much longer road than we had hoped and may not end the way we were hoping. Discouraging, yes. But we had such a great summer with our new little BFFs it’s impossible to say it wasn’t worth it.

Bethany Christian Services has been quiet lately. They have many young ladies they are counseling at this time but very few who have placed this summer. We have updated our home study with them and are constantly being encouraged by their staff.

I can’t tell you yet what we’re going to do now. Mostly because I don’t know. Jared and I agree that we want to continue pursuing placement with Bethany Christian Services. We also will continue our relationship with the foster children we have grown attached to. The decision to pursue foster placement is the tough one and we would appreciate your prayers for courage should this be the direction God leads us in.

This week was tough but it was bookended by a song we sang in church both last Sunday and today:
How firm our foundation
How sure our salvation
And we will not be shaken
Jesus, firm foundation

Words I sang last week with teeth clenched with determination and today couldn’t bring myself to sing at all but nevertheless are a message I needed to be reminded of and a truth I will hold on to.

We will not be shaken.

Much love,
The Blacks

We had such fun this month running in the Cherish Kids 10k!

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