Not a Thanksgiving Post

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:13-14

I’ve said all month that I’m not going to do a Thanksgiving post. Not that I don’t have anything to be thankful for, I am blessed far beyond what I could have ever asked for or dreamed. With TV shows, commercials, Facebook and other social media this time of year, posting about all of the things I am thankful for would be what is expected of me. And, I am nothing if not stubborn and a bit against the grain…Jared will vouch for that! Oh yeah, I’m pretty bossy too but that’s for another post.

God has been speaking to my heart lately the importance of true patience. Not the kind of patience where you say you fully trust God and His timing but secretly inside you are about to explode because you feel like you have waited soooo long and you think that what you wait for will never happen. Patience is a way of living every day. Do I worry sometimes? Yes, I do. But somehow my worry just leads me closer to Him. That is the Holy Spirit at work in my heart. And I believe that He has been allowed to work so freely in my heart because of the people that have been praying for us. Adoption is hard. There is a lot of paperwork and A LOT of waiting. I’ve seen others allow desperation to control their decision making. God has been so faithful to protect us from that and I know that it is because we have friends and family who love us enough to pray for us during this process.

Ok here goes:
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us. Because of you, we have been strengthened to patiently wait for the wonderful things God has planned for us.

Much love,

We are, by the grace of God, patiently waiting to be matched with a Mom and baby. All of our paperwork and home study visits are complete and we are working on our final 10 hours of required training. Hooray! It could be any day now!

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